Anti-moisture ceiling lamp product features

2019-07-06 12:17:32 View:831

The moisture-proof ceiling lamp has a layer of gasket between the lamp housing and the base, so that the ceiling lamp can be protected from moisture! The ceiling lamp is a kind of luminaire. It is installed inside the room. Because the upper part of the luminaire is relatively flat, it is installed close to the roof, like it is attached to the roof, so it is called a ceiling lamp.

The damp-proof ceiling lamp is suitable for dusty and humid public places inside and outside the tunnel, such as tunnels, factories, mines, communities, lawns, aisles, gardens, parks, parking lots, etc.

Moisture-proof ceiling lamp Features:

Metal housing, impact resistant, aging resistant, high temperature resistant, durable

UV-resistant transparent PC lampshade, high light transmission, internal prism design, uniform light and comfortable.

Waterproof rubber sealing ring, sealed silicone inlet hole and non-fluorocarbon ester foam sealing ring, effectively prevent moisture and condensate from entering the lamp and adapt to various bad weather.


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