How long are the fire emergency lights on?

Emergency lights refer to lamps used for emergency lighting. They play different important roles in our lives and are indispensable tools for modern security. How long is the emergency light on? This is a question that everyone is more worried about. The editor of PINASTER will share the emergency time of the emergency light with you.

The emergency time of fire emergency lights is different for different emergency light products.

The emergency time of the emergency light depends on the place of use and the requirements of the fire safety protection level. Take the emergency time of Rouse fire emergency lighting as an example; the emergency time of fire emergency lighting is more than 90 minutes.

Fire emergency light

Although some other emergency lighting brands have fire emergency lighting, their own emergency lighting time can reach this length, but when the fire emergency lighting stops external power supply, it truly enters the emergency lighting state. After the lamps work for 60 minutes, When the light is dim, the illuminance of the light emitted by the lamps is obviously weakened, and the penetrating power of the light is suddenly reduced, and the effect of emergency lighting cannot be achieved, which greatly reduces the fire safety protection level;

Strictly speaking: as long as it is a fire emergency light, when it enters the normal emergency lighting working state after a power failure, the time when the lighting fixture is dimmed within a predetermined period of time cannot be counted as the normal working time of the emergency light; The emergency time of the fire emergency sign light is still illustrated by the Rouse brand fire emergency sign light as an example: the normal emergency working time of the Rouse fire emergency sign light is more than 90 minutes; the emergency lighting time of the fire emergency light and the configuration of the fire emergency lamp itself The power of the light source is related to the power of the battery pack that matches the emergency lights; some brands of fire emergency lights have an emergency time of more than 30 minutes; these should be related to the specific use environment of the emergency lights and the actual needs of the current safety protection level and other comprehensive factors to choose.

PINASTER editor tips: Lamps that have been in the state of main power supply for a long time should be regularly discharged every 6 months, and then recharged to maintain the best state of the battery. If you need emergency lights, please contact us.

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