What are the advantages of fire emergency lights? how to use?

Advantages of fire emergency lights:

It has the advantages of reliable operation, high stability and long life. It is suitable for high-rise buildings such as factories, hotels, shopping malls, and buildings. It is used for emergency lighting in public in case of power failure. It adopts metal lamp caps or flame retardant plastic lamp caps. , Hanging installation. Emergency time ≥ 90min The principle can refer to the principle of electromagnetic relay, similar with minor differences

The emergency lighting system currently used in China is mainly of independent control type with power supply. The normal power supply is connected to the general lighting power supply circuit, and the emergency light battery is usually charged. When the normal power supply is cut off, the backup power supply (battery) automatically supplies power. This form of emergency light has a large number of electronic components such as voltage transformation, voltage stabilization, charging, inverter, and storage battery inside each lamp. The emergency light needs to be charged and discharged during use, maintenance, and failure.

The other is the centralized control type of centralized power supply. There is no independent power supply in the emergency lamps. When the normal lighting power supply fails, the centralized power supply system supplies power. In this form of emergency lighting system, the complicated electronic circuits inside all lamps are omitted, emergency lighting lamps are no different from ordinary lamps, and the centralized power supply system is set in a dedicated room.

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Compared with the emergency lamps with independent control of the power supply, the centralized control of the emergency lamps with the centralized power supply has the advantages of convenient centralized management, user inspection, fire supervision and inspection, prolonging the life of the lamps, and improving the emergency evacuation efficiency. And the management is convenient, the system price is low. However, since there is no backup power supply (battery) in the centralized power supply centralized control type emergency lighting, if the power supply line fails, it will directly affect the normal operation of the emergency lighting system, so the power supply line is laid with special fire protection requirements. . The emergency lighting with independent control of power supply has a backup power supply (battery) in each emergency lighting fixture, so there is no special requirement for the power supply line, and the failure of the power supply line will not affect the function of the backup power supply. When the emergency lamp fails, it generally only affects the lamp itself, and has little impact on the entire system.

When choosing emergency lighting, the emergency lighting system should be reasonably selected according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, for new projects or projects with fire control rooms, the wiring should be unified during the construction process as much as possible, and centralized control of emergency lighting with centralized power should be used; Independently controlled emergency lighting.

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