The importance of equipped with fire emergency power supply in the elevator

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With the rapid development of the social economy, the construction of high-rise buildings will be an inevitable trend of this development. With the continuous increase of high-rise buildings, the number of elevators has also increased. In order to better ensure the safe operation of elevators and the safety of passengers, in the installation and application of elevators, in addition to emergency power supply, fire emergency lighting power supply is also required. .

Equipped with emergency power supply In order to better ensure the safety of the elevator, avoid the sudden drop of the elevator when the mains suddenly stops, to ensure the safety of passengers. Equipped with fire emergency lighting for elevators, mainly to prevent fires in the evening. When there are unfortunate passengers in the bridge, it is necessary to go to the engine room for emergency rescue operations. Emergency lighting is required, although some elevators have fire-resistant cables with dual power supplies and EPS. Emergency power supply protection, but this is only a requirement for fire elevators. Many general-purpose elevators are powered by ordinary cables. Even in the case of fire elevators, the power of the elevators may be de-energized (such as power distribution). The house is on fire). If the elevator failure occurs normally, it is necessary to operate and repair the switch inverter of the dual power supply and mutual investment box control cabinet in the elevator engine room. The fire emergency lighting can solve this problem well. The requirement for fire emergency lighting is The illumination can't be lower than the normal lighting, so that the technician can repair the elevator faster and facilitate the user.


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