Do you understand the role of fire emergency lights?

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Although the fire emergency lights are very common, they can be given a long time in the dark state. This emergency light is very suitable for factory applications and emergency use in large places such as schools and hotels. When using the fire emergency light, it will be found that the power consumption of this emergency light is very small, and its lighting index is very high, comparable to the ordinary power supply incandescent lamp, this fire emergency light can be used The years will not be bad for a long time.

Then the advantages of fire emergency lights have the advantages of reliable operation, high stability and long service life. They are suitable for high-rise buildings such as factories, hotels, shopping malls, buildings, etc., for public use for power failure for emergency lighting, using metal lamp heads or flame-retardant plastic lamp holders. , with wall-mounted, portable, and hanging installation. The emergency time ≥ 90min can refer to the principle of electromagnetic relay, which is similar!

The role of fire emergency lights: emergency lighting in the disaster relief, ambulance and other aspects of the role is unprecedented, although only a few hours of lighting, but how many hours can help how much property and life is guaranteed, the characteristic volume of LED Small, long life, high efficiency, low voltage, safe use, energy saving and other advantages, so the Ministry of Science and Technology will "LED emergency lighting drive technology and system reliability research" as the 2008 863 project for research.

The fire emergency light has a protection level of IP65. Not only that, but it also has the ability to prevent *. Many brands have production fire emergency lights. The types of products are various, some can be carried, and some can be hung on the roof. Use, and others can hang on the wall to illuminate, all types of fire emergency lights can be more than one and a half hours of emergency time. A fire emergency light should be kept at home to prevent the use of lighting in the event of circuit failures and emergency events.


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