Do you know how many kinds of emergency lights there are?

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Types of emergency lights: portable emergency lights, fire emergency lights, energy-saving emergency lights, supply emergency lights, underwater emergency lights, rechargeable emergency lights, solar emergency lights, multi-functional emergency lights, etc.

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There are four methods of classification and subdivision:

1.According to the form of emergency power supply:

a) Built in power supply type;

b) Centralized power supply type;

c) Mother and child power supply type.

2. It can be divided into:

a) Sign lamp;

b) Lighting;

c) Lighting, sign lights.

3. It can be divided into:

a) Persistent type;

b) Unsustainable.

4. It can be divided into:

a) Independent type;

b) Centralized control type;

c) Control type of parent and child.

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