What do you need to do for the fire safety of light bulbs?

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To prevent fires caused by light bulbs at home, the following should be done:

(1) Do not place light bulbs next to or near combustible materials. According to the requirements, the distance between the light bulb and combustibles must be kept above 50cm, and the height from the ground should not be less than 2m.

(2) Do not put combustible materials under the light bulb. When an electric bulb above 60W is energized, it may be partially cold or splashed with water droplets, or due to the poor quality of the outer casing, which may cause an explosion. Once the broken glass and filament with high temperature fall on the bedding, carpet or sofa, etc. Objects can easily cause fire. Especially the storage room has a small area and many combustibles, so high-power light bulbs cannot be installed.

(3) High-power light bulbs should use corresponding lamp caps and lamp sockets. If a bakelite lamp holder is used for an electric bulb above 150W, under the action of high temperature, the lamp holder will quickly age and brittle, thereby losing insulation, causing leakage and short circuit, which may cause fire or electric shock.

(4) Do not use high-power light bulbs on lamps. Whether it is desk lamps, floor lamps or wall lamps and other modern lamps, the lampshades are mostly made of decorative cloth, plastic cloth, gauze or paper that are easy to catch fire. If you do not choose to use high-power bulbs, over time, the lampshade may burn first, and then spread to cause a fire.

(5) It is absolutely forbidden to use electric bulbs for heating, and it is also not allowed to put a simple "lampshade" made of cloth or paper directly on the electric bulb, which may easily cause a fire.

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