What are the functions of emergency lights?

Emergency lights are lights for people to evacuate, ensure safety or continue to work when the normal lighting system fails to provide normal lighting due to power failure. Emergency lights are different from ordinary lighting. They include: backup lighting, evacuation lighting, and safety lighting.

Usually backup lighting should be installed in the following places:

(1) Failure to operate or dispose of places that may cause explosions, fires and poisoning accidents after power failure, such as hydrogen production, paint production, chemical industry, petroleum, plastic, celluloid and its products production, production and solvent production some operating parts.

(2) Places where failure to operate or dispose of in a timely manner after a power outage will cause confusion in the production process or damage to precious parts processed. Such as certain processes in the chemical industry, petroleum industry, steelmaking furnaces in metallurgy, aerospace and other industries, metal melting and casting, heat treatment and certain departments of precision machining workshops.

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(3) Places where the extinguishing of lighting will cause greater political influence or serious economic losses. Such as important communication centers, radio stations, television stations, power plants and central substations, control centers, national and international conference centers, important hotels, international terminals, transportation hubs, and important power supply stations (heating, gas supply) , oil supply) and water supply facilities.

(4) Places where the extinguishing of the lighting will hinder the fire rescue work. Such as fire control room, emergency generator room, broadcasting room and power distribution room.

(5) Important underground buildings will not be able to work and move because the lights are out. Such as subway stations, underground hospitals, large and medium-sized underground shopping malls, underground hotels, underground restaurants, underground garages and underground entertainment venues.

(6) Places where the lighting will be turned off, which will cause cash and valuables to be stolen. Such as the valuables sales area, cashier counter and bank cashier counter in large and medium-sized shopping malls.

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