Do you know these cold knowledge of safety exit signs?

There are two main types of safety exit signs in the world. The United States uses bold red "EXIT" to indicate that this logo is large, eye-catching, and generally red indicates danger. However, other countries use pictograms. The sign is a person running through the green door. Green is often reminiscent of safety, which is easy to understand for people in all countries.

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The U.S. safety exit sign originated from a fire in a clothing factory in Manhattan in 1911, the triangle women's clothing factory fire. This fire claimed the lives of 146 workers, prompting the American Fire Protection Association to promote the importance of the escape of the fire building. "life safety". They launched emergency exit signs in the 1930s and 1940s. At that time, the font sizes and widths were different, and eventually a unified standard was formed. According to Robert Solomon of the Building Fire Protection and Life Safety Department of the American Fire Protection Association, the reason why the United States chose English instead of graphics was because "at that time, the concept of the parish was relatively heavy."

However, the following decades, images became popular. A fire safety association in Japan hosted a competition for "collecting national new safety exit signs" and received 3,300 works. In the end, the image "A Running Man" designed by Yuta Ota won.

Later, the image was slightly adjusted and approved. They wanted to slow down the person in an emergency, so they also adjusted the angle of the legs on the image, because the angle of the legs before was sprinting.

Although the logo is widely used around the world, its acceptance in the United States is not high. This is largely due to American cultural awareness and conservativeness. Of course, the United States has not pushed the logo. According to the American Fire Protection Association, nobody knows what the "safe exit sign" is. Only where the exit signs are not affixed will people not find exits.

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