Do emergency lights need sockets?

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Emergency lighting is a type of lighting that can effectively illuminate and display evacuation passages, or can continue to illuminate and work without interruption when the normal lighting power supply fails. It is widely used in public places and places with uninterrupted lighting.

The emergency lighting fixture is composed of light source, light source driver, rectifier, inverter, battery pack, and sign lamp housing. Normally, 36V drives the light source to normally illuminate through the light source driver, and at the same time, the battery pack is supplemented by the rectifier. Even when the lighting is turned off after get off work, the rectifier is still working in the charging state, so that the battery pack is always in a state of full combat readiness. . When the city power suddenly stops in an emergency, the inverter will automatically start the inverter circuit, convert the low-voltage power of the battery pack into high-voltage power, and drive the light source to continue lighting.

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The new regulations do not prohibit the use of socket connections for emergency lighting in non-centralized control systems, but we must specifically combine the local fire protection regulations and acceptance conditions to set it reasonably during actual construction. According to actual project experience, if emergency lighting is set The socket will lead to a high probability of failing the fire protection acceptance.

Centralized control fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system refers to the fire fighting system with emergency lighting controller, which is centrally controlled by the emergency lighting controller and displays the working status of the emergency lighting centralized power supply or emergency lighting distribution box and the fire emergency lamps connected to it Emergency lighting and evacuation indication system.

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